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DJI Inspire-2 - 4k ProRes 422HQ 10-bit

What Our Clients Say About Us

Pedego Tiburon was thrilled with the experience we had with Mike. He was efficient with time and resources, and he delivered the end product quickly and professionally. We would definitely recommend his services

Deanna DiCostanzo, Pedego Electric Bikes

Mike is as good as they come. Very safe, very talented, and a pleasure to work with

Shane King, Mission Pictures, San Francisco

The video that Mike created for Destination Tiburon is A++, and the process of getting to the final process was incredibly well managed. Mike has the creative vision to create the mood and the wow factor that an aerial video delivers

Dianne Admire, Director of Marketing destination:Tiburon

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Creating Promotional Videos

Our clients are filmmakers, production companies, marketing agencies, land trusts, as well as nonprofits and local authorities. We develop and implement creative ideas and storybooks that promote their products, services, land properties, and towns.

Within several years of operation, we learned that inspirational aerial videos are a blend of art, technology, and aerial know-how. While our focus is on aerial footage, we often use our stabilized hand-held camera to incorporate close-up ground shots and add yet another dimension.

When we work with filmmakers and production companies, we focus on aerial work and deliver impressive raw footage that they can use for their own productions. We also partner with them if our clients need a full video production with interviews, audio recordings, actors and other types of casting.

For all our other clients, we do the entire production work, from the first idea to delivering the final video with sound track, voice narrative or text overlays.

We produce promotional videos for:

 Hotels, resorts, wineries, golf courses, estates

 Towns and industrial areas

 Nature and countryside

 Outdoor product demos and action sports

 A wide variety of other outdoor venues

The DJI Inspire-2 drone and X5S camera have quickly set a new standard for professional drone cinematography in 2017. With its precise flying capabilities, an ultra-stable gimbal, and a dual operator setup, the drone allows us to produce a broad range of cinematic shots. From close-up dolly shots in low altitude and high-speed tracking of moving objects, to autonomous, repeatable flying patterns, the Inspire 2 excels on all fronts.

Equally important is the use of longer focal lenses like 50mm or 90mm. These lenses add depth to the images via foreground and background layers and produce a much more cinematic experience. Smaller drones, with their wide-angle lenses, cannot deliver these types of images.

The Inspire 2 is a very safe drone because it has redundant sensors, dual batteries, dual GPS, obstacle avoidance cameras, and an automatic “return to home” feature.

Camera highlights

 4k ProRes 422HQ 10-bit video with 12.8 stops of dynamic range

 20.8MP photos, RAW and JPEG

 120FPS in 1080 for slow motion action shot

A two-person team conducts all our flights which is by far the most safest way to produce aerial footage.

Our pilot is certified by the FAA and has the full authority over the flight. The other person acts as either a visual observer/spotter (as mandated by the FAA for Part 107 pilots) or operates the camera independently from the pilot.

This “dual operator” setup allows both the pilot and the camera operator to have their own monitor and controller and is used when more sophisticated camera movements are required.


Even with our two-person team, we offer very competitive rates which include all equipment, insurance, and travel to the site within an hour’s distance.

For most of our projects, we fly in the morning and evening hours to catch the best light of the day. We charge an hourly rate (with a two-hour minimum per project). We also offer daily rates that are often preferred by filmmakers and production companies.

Don't hesitate to contact us for a customized quote!

Town Promotion

Town of Tiburon

Inspire 2 Demo

DJI Inspire 2 Demo

E-Bike Rental

E-Bike Rental

Tall Ship Launch Event

Matthew Turner // Sausalito

Our Background

Mike's new drone business is the culmination of his interest and expertise in technology, creative work, photography, and in flying. 

Working for 20 years as a software engineer, his focus was on the visual aspects of user interface design. Eventually he co-founded Mindjet, an award-winning international company. The process of launching a start-up and building it into a success has taught him the true meaning of professional service and quality development, and about the importance of listening to and understanding individuals’ needs. Mindjet was recently sold to Corel.

In 2006, Mike began to fly model helicopters and airplanes, and moved on to drones in 2011. Over the last few years, he has become proficient in building and maintaining drones and has learned how to combine his flying and photography skills to produce amazing aerial imagery.

Prior to the new commercial FAA drone regulations in 2016,  Mike worked on many volunteer projects using the name Discoveries From Above. His panoramas were featured in Corte Madera for the city’s 2016 Centennial, and can be seen in the Town Hall. Marin TV is currently showing some of his videos on their local Marin channel.

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